Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Tour Information

Summer Guided Hikes:

Full Day $100/person
Half Day $60/person

Valley of the Springs Winery Tour $50/person when added to a tour

Full Day 6-8 hrs
Half Day 2-4 hrs

Estimated hrs due to the nature of each individual trip.

Guide to Client Ratio 1:5 and includes transportation

Winter Guided Snowshoe Tours

Full Day $80/person
Half Day $50/person

Full Day: 5-6 hrs
Half Day: 2-4 hrs

Gratuities not included.

Snowshoes are included. I have a few pairs of snowshoes to offer guests, but if we have a larger group it is possible to rent a pair for $20/day at Shon’s Bike and Ski (250) 265-3332.  I can make arrangements for you on request.

These times are an estimate as it all depends on the group, and possible delays throughout the day (traffic delays, ferry delays, weather etc)

Arrangements can be made with the guests to customize times in the pre-planning stages.  Typically, a Full day would start at 7am or 8am pacific standard time, depending on what time of year.

The advantages of a going on a hike with a certified guide include:

  • you will learn fascinating information about your surroundings as well as have a local’s insight into the top things to see and do while you are visiting the area
  • your guide is trained in wilderness first aid & carries first aid supplies
  • your guide is trained in avoiding conflict with wildlife and carries bear spray
  • you can be confident and relaxed knowing your guide is very familiar with the trail
  • Learn about the amazing natural and cultural history of the area you’re visiting. See unique features and visit secret spots that you’d be unlikely to notice or find without a guide. Enjoy the assurance that comes with hiking with a guide who knows the area’s weather, terrain, and wildlife. In other words, focus 100% on hiking and let AME take care of the rest!

What to Bring & Expect on a Tour

Hiking and Snowshoeing are rated from beginner to advanced to allow guests to choose what kind of experience and adventure they came here to have. There is a trip that can suite every fitness level and can be discussed in the pre-planning stages.

Hiking, Snowshoeing, Backpacking trips sometimes involve intense sun (heat), cold exposure and considerable elevation gain and drops. All our trips involve carrying your own daypack. Some trips are more challenging than others.  This can be discussed prior to booking.  Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions you may have. 

All trips offer interpretive information on flora, fauna, local geology, mountain culture and natural history, and beautiful scenery.  Our goal at AME is to provide a safe environment for each guest, and to follow the leave no trace etiquette.  

Transportation is included if guests require transport.  Do to Covid-19 we suggest driving separate, but if this is not possible please view the Covid-19 Policy.  Extra transportation for 5 or more guests are available on request.  Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are included.

  • ACMG Association Canadian Mountain Guide:  Apprentice Hiking Guide with Winter Travel Certification (Snowshoe Tours)
  • IGA Interpretation Guides Association Basic Certificate- Banff National Park
  • Occupational 1st Aid Level 3 and Outdoor Emergency Care Level 3 Certification
  • PMBIA Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association Level 1
  • AME provides all group safety equipment:  InReach Emergency Communication Device, Bear Spray, Emergency Guides Tarp, 1st Aid Kits
  • Each participant brings their own personal hiking/backpacking equipment and personal items

On multi-day trips personal gear will be carried by guests whereas group meal items and group gear will be shared within the group.

Hiking Boots/Sturdy Hiking Shoes, Day Pack, Hiking Poles, Rain Gear, Personal items, Breathable Clothing (cotton is not recommended) Sun Hat, Water/Food.  AME will share the gear lists and instruct you on how to choose proper gear for the trip in the pre-planning stages.

Day Hike: Each guest will carry their own personal gear.  Your guide will carry the group safety equipment. Our goal is to get our packs as light as possible and to carry the essentials.

Backpacking: Everyone carries their own personal gear plus some group gear. This way the group can share the weight as best as possible to make the journey more enjoyable.  Most people carry up to 35lb 15kgs

In pre-trip planning, we will share lightweight gear recommendations and backpacking tips. Heavier items include: Backpack, tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping bags.

AME hikes rain or shine, we will only cancel if the conditions are deemed unsafe.  If this is the case a full refund will be given.  It is possible to postpone the trip to another date. 

Typically, 5-20 min breaks, depending on the trip, weather conditions, and guest’s fitness.  If time and conditions permit, we can stay in one location longer to take in the beautiful views that Nakusp has to offer.

Possibly. We will follow professional best practices to keep everyone safe. We will instruct our group on wildlife etiquette prior to the hike.  Your guide will carry Bear Spray in case of an unlikely interaction with a wild animal.

Yes, on request. 

Rental Gear that we offer: 30-60L Backpacks $20/day, Sleeping Pads $5/day, 2-person 3 season Tents $25/day, Hiking Poles $5/day, and Snowshoes $20/day if we need to rent from a local shop otherwise Snowshoes are included with the tour.

Brands that we rent are: Arcteryx, Mountain Hardware, Marmot, Black Diamond, The North Face, and Outdoor Research

Guests are responsible for replacing any equipment that is damaged, lost, or stolen. 

Yes, we offer backpacking trips that can be customized to suite the needs of each person/group.  Many great backpacking opportunities in the West Kootenays and beyond.  Send us an email to customize a trip.

Yes, we offer customized Day trips, Multi – Day Backpacking, Snowshoeing, Porter/Shuttle trips for guests that are doing a point to point backcountry trip.

Yes, AME offers group rates for 5 or more guests.  If transportation is required, we ask that this is arranged in advance.

No, food is not included, but snacks and non-alcoholic drinks are.  If we are going backpacking, then we can organize group meals.

Backpacking Overnight Tours

Each guest purchases, carries, and prepares their own meals. It’s a team effort out in the wilderness.  Group meals can be arranged/clean up can be delegated so not one person is stuck doing everything. Leave No Trace Principles will be taught and adhered too. Dehydrated food is great for the backcountry because it is lightweight and easy to prepare. You will need a small stove system to boil water and this can be part of the group gear.

Regarding Tents: depending on the group if they would like to share or have private tents.  This can be discussed in the pre-planning stages.

The group will get up around 0600 get water, wash, and have breakfast. At 0700 we will have a Group Meeting. After the meeting we break camp and continue our journey by 0800 for a full day of hiking. Over the day we will take several breaks in beautiful spots for rest, hydration, and snacks. When we arrive at camp for the night, everyone sets up their tent, washes and gets ready for dinner. After dinner it is time relax and enjoy each others company.

Some designated backcountry campsites have maintained outhouses. I suggest brining toilet paper as some outhouses have none.  Other routes with wilderness campsites we will be required to go to the bathroom in the great outdoors. Your guide will educate the group on leave no trace principles, by digging cat holes or a latrine for the group depending on the length of stay.

Bathing/Washing:  Yes, you can bathe.  In doing so we all need to keep in mind that bodies of water or creeks are sensitive water sources.  Sunscreen for example has many chemicals.  We ask our guests that if you have any chemical-based creams, deodorant etc. that you wash off prior to jumping into any pristine lake, river, or stream. Bring a small washcloth and towel and we will show you the best practices to clean up along the way.

Our goal as visitors to these areas are to keep the land, and water clean and pristine for the environment and for the next generation to enjoy. 

Depending on the trip, we will camp in designated backcountry sites and depending on location we may have to purchase a backcountry permit from the parks service. Some sites are primitive wilderness sites that we will have to be vigilant on keeping our impact minimal.  Environmental Stewardship is of utmost importance when hiking/backpacking. Designated sites sometimes have wooden tent platforms. 


Nakusp Hot Springs Chalet and Campground

Valley of the Springs Winery Contact Daniel Morton (Accommodations at Cody Cabin) in Sandon, BC

Shon’s Bike-Ski-Stay

Camp Valhalla at Summit Lake

O’Briens on the Lake


Nakusp Municipal Campground

McDonald Creek Provincial Campground

Mount Abriel Campsite

Nakusp Hot Springs Chalet and Campground

Insurance Information

As an ACMG Apprentice Hiking Guide with Winter Travel Certification, Alpenglow Mountain Escapes carries Comprehensive General Liability Insurance as directed in ACMG standard of practice and mandated by the Crown, BC Parks, and Parks Canada.

We recommend that all our trip guests have Travel Medical Insurance and Trip Cancellation Insurance.

COVID-19 Policy

Yes, please click here to read our latest COVID-19 policy. 

Payment Information

Contact Karla at [email protected] for more information or click on the booking button to see availability. AME will hold your credit card and payment can be made via squareup once we meet.  I can also take payment through the square reader adapter.  If you are a Canadian residence, we can also set up an e-transfer at [email protected] if that is preferred.  Cash is acceptable

Booking Policies

AME will take the bookings and payment can be made through squareup, e-transfer, or cash. 

Full Refunds will be provided 30 days prior to trip. Half payment will be refunded 15 days prior to trip.

Non-Refundable 7 Days prior to trip.

Or transfer to another date/trip

When our trips are cancelled due to unforeseen weather events, highway closures “Acts of God” you will receive Full Refund.